Kempsville Presbyterian Church


Opportunity for Frienship and Spiritual Growth

KPC recognizes that we all need to be encouraged in our faith. There are so many opportunities at KPC to connect with others in relationship and find a real sense of community. We can help you find just what you’re looking for!


Life Groups

Where Friendships Are Important


At KPC, we are committed to helping you make good friends. Our primary method of doing so is through “Life Groups.”


Life Groups are smaller groups of 5 to 15 people who get together on a regular basis to grow spiritually and serve others.  Some Life Groups are built around a season in life (newly married, singles, seniors, etc.), others around systematic Bible study and prayer, and still others around common interests such as crafts, writing, grief recovery, or just walking on the beach.  All of them share the common themes of friendship and growth in Christ.


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Life Groups



Adult Discipleship

KPC Life University

It’s Sunday school but with real-life application! Like you, we want to see biblical principles lived out in every area of our lives.


It's not a formal institution for a few.  
It’s practical spiritual training for everyone at KPC!




Each quarter you can choose from a variety of foundational and in-depth topics taught by our pastors and other skilled teachers and designed to help you live a successful Christian life.  




Hear are some other adult opportunities . . .



Women's event

Women's Ministries
Connecting Women in Relationships


KPC understands that God created women to be relational in nature, and so we provide ample opportunities throughout the year for women to gather for fellowship, prayer, spiritual growth, and—of course—fun!  



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Men's Ministries
Challenging Men to Live Out Their Calling



To encourage the men of KPC to live out their roles as leaders in the home, church, workplace, and community, our Men’s Ministry provides opportunities to fellowship, mentor, study, grow, and keep each other accountable.



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Men at KPC





Worship Ministries
Taking Worship Beyond an Event to a Lifestyle



Worship isn’t just singing on Sundays. 


Worship is something we can do every moment of every day, during every event, with every word spoken, every work activity, every meal prepared, every homework assignment, and every song that is sung.




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worship at KPC