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Reverend Steve Keller
Interim Pastor

In Steve Keller's 20+ years in ministry, he's served as youth pastor, church planter, associate pastor, and senior pastor. Ordained in the EPC, Steve brings his gifts and training in church leadership to serve at KPC as interim pastor. Having just left his position as chaplain for NASCAR's Sprint and Nationwide series, the staff is still cutting him some slack when finding him pacing his office in counterclockwise laps ...  more . . .

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Reverend Neil Ellison
Pastor, Director of Discipleship & Shepherding

Once upon a time, Neil awoke to find that he was no longer a trial attorney but a pastor—one with a compassionate nature, a kind spirit, wise insight, and a love for people. Neil is a renaissance man with an undergraduate degree in Education and a Law degree from the University of Kentucky, as well as a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  more . . .


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Rev. Vic Hildebrand
KPC Chaplain & Director of Missions & Outreach

A familiar face at KPC for several years, Vic helps oversee our Missions and Outreach Ministries. He has also taken on the position of KPC Chaplain, ministering to the grieving, shut-ins, widows, hospitalized, and just about anyone who crosses his path.



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Dana Petrelli
Missions Coordinator

Dana’s first career dream came true when she earned her BA degree from Philadelphia University in Fashion Apparel Management and worked in the fashion industry for three years (in New York City). Then she found Christ—and EVERYTHING changed!  more . . .



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Reverend Orlen Stauffer
Director, Media

Orlen is responsible for our graphics, artwork, lighting, cameras . . . well, okay, everything “media.” Recognized by his peers nationally as a great talent and thinker, he served three years as the Chairman for Church Media for the National Association of Religious Broadcasters (NRB) and has been on the Church Media Committee since 2002.   more . . .


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Adam Whitescarver

Director of Family Ministries
Youth Director

Think of your typical youth pastor.  Now forget all that, and let’s talk about Adam. So when was the last time you read a book about the Byzantine Empire or Napoleon, or spent a morning listening to Russian Orthodox Church Music? more . . .



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Tara Powell
Early Childhood Coordinator

Tara means “tower”—and she is certainly a tower of wisdom, creativity, and good humor.  Tara teaches and demonstrates God’s love with insight, dedication, and delight, watching over our children 6 weeks to 6 years old. Like several KPC staff members, her ministry success and expertise is such that other churches seek her out as a consultant. more . . .


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Phyllis Nix
Director, KPC Day School

It’s a mystery how Phyllis can manage 200 kids and a staff of 30 and keep everybody (including herself) smiling.  Maybe it’s a combination of her love and commitment for all God’s children and those wonderful smells wafting from the Day School kitchen!